Proxy etc. 

Shareholders who are casting advance votes via proxy should submit a power of attorney, dated and signed by the shareholder, together with the advance vote. The proxy must not be more than one year old, however, the proxy may be older if it is stated that it is valid for a longer term, maximum five years. If the shareholder is a legal person, certificate of registration or other documents of authority shall be attached to the form. Click on link below to open the form.


Advance voting 

The shareholders may exercise their voting rights at the general meeting only by voting in advance, so called advance voting (postal voting) in accordance with section 22 of the Act (2020:198) on temporary exceptions to facilitate the execution of general meetings in companies and other associations. 

 A shareholder who is exercising its voting right through advance voting do not need to notify the Company of its attendance to the general meeting. The advance voting form is considered as the notification of attendance to the general meeting. 

The completed voting form must be at the Company’s disposal no later than on Monday 14 March 2022. The completed and signed form shall be sent by regular mail to Skogsaktiebolaget Eternali, c/o Office Stureplan, Birger Jarlsgatan 20, SE-114 34 Stockholm, Sweden or by e-mail info@eternali.se. 

Further instructions and conditions is included in the form for advance voting. Click on link below to open the form.


Investor Relations